Tackling Drugs To Build A Better Britain

This is the UK Government's ten-year strategy with four main aims, each of which has performance targets.
1. Young People - to help young people resist drug misuse in order to achieve their full potential in society. Key performance target: to reduce the proportion of people under 25 reporting use of illegal drugs substantially... and the drugs which cause the most harm - heroin and cocaine - by 25% by 2005 and 50% by 2008.

2. Communities - to protect our communities from drug-related anti-social and criminal behaviour. Key performance target: to reduce levels of repeat offending amongst drug misusing offenders by 25% by 2005 and 50% by 2008.

3. Treatment - to enable people with drug-related problems to overcome them and live healthy and crime-free lives. Key performance target: to increase participation of problem drug misusers, including prisoners, in treatment programmes which have a positive impact on health and crime by 66% by 2005 and 100% by 2008.

4. Availability - to stifle the availability of illegal drugs on our streets. Key performance target: to reduce access to all drugs amongst young people (under 25) significantly, and to reduce access to the drugs which cause most harm, particularly heroin and cocaine, by 25% by 2005 and by 50% by 2008.

The success of the strategy in meeting these targets will be measured annually.