Educational Services and Publications Unit (ESP)

The ESP unit is the training and publishing arm of Healthwise Helpline Ltd. Healthwise are the publishers of this DrugData3 CD ROM. Set up in 1990, the unit aims to raise awareness of sex and drug issues among young people through the production of educational resources and delivery of training courses.

The unit consists of a unit manager, marketing and sales executive, unit administrator, telemarketing staff and PR executive. Freelance consultants, writers and trainers contribute to the work of the unit on a regular basis.

THE ESP Unit work involves:

Research, production and disseminating of high quality drug and sex education resources
Development and delivery of training courses
Production and distribution of newsletters
Telemarketing of the education resources to the national market
Products and Services
A range of innovative and informative products, teaching packs, card games and software packages are produced by the unit for use by health professional, teachers, youth workers and other agencies such as the police, prison and probation services.

The range of products available include:

Primary Smoking Pack - this pack provides fact sheets, activities and workshops and has developed out of the latest research. The materials that make up this pack provide a whole school approach to tackle smoking issues even before children begin to smoke.
Primary Schools Drug Pack - a manual that has a realistic approach to help you integrate the drugs issue into the primary curriculum.
The Basic Drug Facts Card Game - is a card game, which has been designed for use by young people and adults and has full colour pictures. The card game covers 13 legal and illegal drugs, their effects, street names and legal status
Taking Drugs Seriously 3 - a manual of harm minimisation education about drugs. The manual develops a range of skills, which help young people make informed and less harmful decisions about drug use.
Simply Drugs - is a new drug education package, which does not involve much, reading and writing by young people.
Drugdata - is a computer based encyclopaedia on drugs.
Wrecked - a ' platform' game in the arcade style of Sonic the Hedgehog that explores drugs, their side effects and risks, and the laws relating to drugs.
Primary Schools Sex and Relationships Education Pack - a new manual with a realistic whole school approach to sex education with practical strategies to handle complex issues in a sensitive manner.
Safe and Sound - a new sex and relationships pack for secondary schools, youth projects and other agencies that work with young people.
Contraception Card Game - the facts about contraception for young people. the game covers names of contraception methods, information about them and where they can be obtained, pros and cons of different methods and full colour pictures.
Education training work has been developed to support school based related professions in the delivery of drug and sex education. The main focus of the work has been in the Northwest but more recently requests for our services have increased from across the UK. To date the unit has worked with over 1600 Primary and Secondary school teachers.

We support schools by:

Writing and disseminating high quality drug and sex education resources.
Running training courses
Producing a regular newsletter
Providing information and advice
We work in collaboration with Local Education Authorities, Health Education Co-ordinators, Advisors and Health Promotion Units.

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To order any of the above publications:

email the ESP unit
use the on-line order form
fax your order on 0151 227 4019
post your order (details on the Healthwise Home Page)
telephone 0151 227 4415
Within the UK, Healthwise publications can be sent on a free approval basis to bona fide organisations - please contact the ESP Unit for further details.