Drugscope is one of the UK's leading centres of expertise on drugs. It was formed in 1999 by the merger of ISDD and SCODA which were respectively the main UK drugs specialist library and the UK's leading membership organisation for drug advice and treatment services and those working in them.

Drugscope aims to inform policy and reduce drug related risk. It provides quality drug information, promotes effective responses to drug taking, undertakes research at local, national and international levels, advises on policy-making, encourages informed debate and speaks for its member bodies who work on the ground.

Drugscope also now publishes Druglink the popular journal formerly published by ISDD. Drugscope had over 650 members by the end of 2000 about half of whom were from treatment agencies with others in the criminal justice system, youth services, teaching, housing, health promotion etc.

About half of the UK's DATs are members of Drugscope. Drugscope can be contacted at 32, Loman Street,London SE1 0EE, telephone 0207 928 1211, fax on 0207 928 1771 by email through services@drugscope.org.uk with a web page at www.drugscope.org.uk