Amphetamine base has been seen in some parts of the UK where the use of amphetamines is heavy. Amphetamine base can look like a sort of grey putty which has a wet appearance and is often sold in plastic because of this. It has been smoked, injected and swallowed, usually after wrapping up in cigarette paper. It is usually stronger than the traditional amphetamine powder or tablets with some reports claiming upto 70% purity compared to 10% or less for the other preparations.

It is quite caustic and will damage veins, the nasal passages and the digestive tract depending on how it is taken. It costs between 20 and 25 a gram at early 1997 prices. Amphetamine base should not be confused with cocaine base or with ice which is a smokeable form of methamphetamine crystals closer to crack (video) than to \Jamphetamine\j.