DATs are Drug Action Teams. There is a network of 106 of these mainly at local authority and/or health authority level throughout the UK. 26 of them operate at a shire or metropolitan county level.

The core members of the DAT are the Chief or Deputy Chief Officer from the local authority, health authority, the Police, Probation and the Prison Service who are represented locally by an area manager or other senior representative.

The DATs main purpose is to co-ordinate the various agencies at a local level, identifying local needs and developing strategic plans for drug education and prevention, treatment and community safety issues raised by drug problems in their area.

The DATs also have contact with local Drug Reference Groups (DRGs). These involve local treatment, prevention bodies and other community agencies concerned with drug problems.

Each DAT has a job of producing a corporate plan and agreeing this with the UK Anti-drugs co-ordinator by the end of each calendar year.