Self-help groups for drug users, parents and families.

These operate in many areas and you should be able to find out where they are from your local drugs advice service. You can also contact the health information service line on 0800 66 55 44 or one of the national organisations listed below:

* ADFAM - the national charity for families and friends of drug users runs a helpline (0207 928 8900) and provides support and training for parents.
* Families Anonymous - are involved in support groups for parents and families of drug users in different parts of the country (0207 498 4680).
* Narcotics Anonymous - is a network of self-help groups for drug users based on the Alcoholics Anonymous approach (0207 251 4007).
* Release - runs a 24-hour national helpline for people who have been arrested for a drugs offence. They also give legal advice to parents (0207 603 8654).